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Big projects

Genom åren har det levererats otroligt många tårtor från min dörr på Riddargatan 51. Här är ett urval av några av de största och mest intressanta projekt jag gjort.

Creating the ice cream dessert
for the 90th Nobel Prize Anniversary Dinner

I was asked early on if I would consider creating the “Nobel Ice Cream” dessert for the 90th Anniversary Dinner. Everything had to be handpicked for the occasion; the china, tablecloths, cutlery and the table setting... The dessert, traditionally ice cream, is what everyone is waiting for, had to be new and innovative. The theme for this year was the winter, the cold and the ice.

Eventually the result was two geometrical cubes, one placed on top of the other, covered with white chocolate flakes and finished with gold foil. An obelisk shaped candle stood on top, decorated with ice blue candy floss and Nobel’s N made from almond paste.

My ice cream turned out to be so good that it was served again the following year, 1992, but then without my knowledge or involvement!

Grammisgalan 2014

House-warming 2014

Moving carton cakes for 700 people.

Prior to Stockholm’s 750th Anniversary

When Stockholm celebrated its 750th Anniversary, all the regions from across Sweden were invited to a big birthday party on June 6th at Skansen
All the participating regions got their regional crest and name on the birthday cake. The roses on the cake symbolise the regions who did not attend

More than three hundred regional flags had to be made, placed on sticks and put into place. The cake was 5 meters long and 1.5 meters wide and is so far the largest cake I have ever made, and served more than 2 000 guests.

The Swedish football legend 70 years

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